June 3, 2018

Following is the summary of my Masters Thesis, 
please download the full thesis via this link.

Eurovision Song Contest is an annual song competition that is organized by European Broadcasting Union, to bring European countries together and to contribute to peace. It is musical equivalent of Olympics and shows resemblances to World’s Fairs: the multinationality provides an opportunity for nations to perform their uniqueness, observable in different elements of its scenography. This thesis focuses on the design of the platform on which the performances takes place and tries to layout the multiple factors of change through years. In a way,...

February 22, 2017

There is a great opportunity for museums to be more engaging for visitors and compete with other forms of contemporary informative entertainment. This paper is about the search for low-budget methods to make this possible. First, by storytelling: Connecting cultural heritage objects to a larger context and narrative, thus emphasizing their position and importance within the culture.  Second, by use of personas to enable visitors to feel more empathy, putting a face and feelings to experiences throughout the journey. Third, by a plot of conflict: a sense of drama to amplify the intensity of the story and create a deeper link between the...

September 14, 2016

A minor problem faced on our daily lives might turn out to be an inspiration for a better life for all, if one is aware of the ways of design thinking. Instead of deciding what’s best for people in an ideal world we imagine, we shall empathize with the world surrounding us, define some problems or improvable situations and collaboratively search for new ideas. These are the steps I took for the following study in which I realized young artists should be provided with spaces to work and an open environment to share and discuss their work with locals.

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