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Participated in 3rd Biodesign Workshop by Biodesign Team Turkey, together with teammates Ceren Öçal Dirican, Nursenem Şaşmaz and Senem Sipahioğlu, we tried to define a new function to self-healing concrete, considering the costs and technical capacity of the material.


Making people observe the process and realize how biomaterials could be magical, excited us.

The cracks in the concrete could symbolise the wounds of the society, caused by major disasters or tragedies. 

The bioengineers within the team, researched the fastest components and informed with the maximum size of the cracks that could be treated within the system. They also made sure, the healing starts with a human interaction. 

The initial design, a simple model made out of clay, plays with the interaction and the experience. Simply, the user is ascending to serve a greater cause and gets an intimate moment with the magical object, finding a moment to face their position in public and their willingness to overcome the challenges, and despair caused by the trauma, and see their efforts are not useless. 

The revised project, is scaled up to a monumental building. The interaction is less isolated, emphasising the grandiosity of the disaster, and the communal effort to overcome its effects. 

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