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10 Eurovısıon 2020 songs you need durıng the coronavırus pandemıc


Ok, Let’s take things a bit more personal.

What if you are sick, yourself; how can you make this fun?

By singing “On Fire” obviously.

First I didn’t understand what kind of fire they were talking about, but when you observe and listen to them carefully: it’s fever. They are high with fever.

There are other cues in this song to complete the story of a Covid-19 patient: he doesn’t like staying still, he wants to move and go to places even though he is old enough to be in the risk group. And when he becomes sick, he reminds himself that he’s strong enough to be in the state he’s dreamed even though he can’t believe the healing process takes way longer than a simple flu.


And when you watch the video, you see the band is constantly under examination. One of the significant moves of the lead is mimicking a “crown” and we know that Corona means “crown”.


No wonder this song is the favorite, it completely captures the spirit of 2020.   

"The heat is getting higher, I feel that I'm on fire"


Ok, Let’s assume you are sick, again.

How will you seek medical service?

Perhaps by singing this song.

“I, just want your attention
Ohh, the crazy things I do


And what do you want me to say?
What do you want me to do
To get your attention?”


Well, as Covid-19 actually causing SARS “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome” that last breath James is offering is more than just a cliché. It’s like donating kidneys. If you are trying to go through this disease as a couple -like Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson- you may find this song extra romantic. Keep the faith, you’ll survive.

"Some people let go
Some people let love slip away, yeah...
..When no one believes, I'll keep the faith

And I know that we're in trouble
But I swear that we'll survive...

...If you had nothing left
I'd give you my last breath"


In this case, one of the partners is sick, and the other refuses to let go. But they need to end this “sad and losing game”, because of this “trouble”. It doesn’t matter how much they love each other.

"You're all I want
A dangerous need
It's wrong to keep you close to me
And if you dare, if you care
Then cut the ropes and float away
Yeah, release me
If you love me, let me go!"


Well, Victoria’s song will be useful when we are victorious. We’ll get over this folks, and in time our wounds will be scars.

"My pain will soon be over
Oh, how the tables turn
Tears are getting sober
I got some space to grow....

In time I'll forget what you have done
In time my wound will be a scar."

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