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Pure Food Pure Taste is a culinary company built around Gülnur Nielsen's passion of preparing "lekker" mediterranean dishes with ingredients that remind her of her childhood.

She has several products on sale, that I've designed the packaging of. 


Gülnur wanted to make something as a tribute to her “oma” after she passed away.
The uniquely delicious fig jam made of grandma’s dried figs is decorated with a watercolor portrait and sincere graphics.

When the pandemic happened Gülnur decided to host Online Workshop, for which she sentingredients, such as her unique spice mixes. That created a demand and she turned them into products, this time with her portrait on them.

Image 112.png

The three spice mixes, “Pure Mediterrane”, “Turkije is meer dan alleen kebab” and “Gülnur’s baharat” have different flavors,and different uses. I used different colors to emphasize that, picked them carefully to match flavors.
The herbs surrounding her portrait, are also not random either. I have painted the ingredients in each mixture and carefully layered them into collages that express what to expect from product.

Gülnur's baharat
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