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The QUBY Roadmap

Quby is a Dutch smart thermostat company, that collaborates with several energy distribution companies, providing them a direct connection and communication with clients. And the clients also benefit as they feel in control of their energy consumption.

Quby intends to expand to other countries in Western Europe and compete in the growing smart house market, keep up with the future trends, ease the transition to smart technologies for people. 


Our assignment was to create a vision and the roadmap to achieve that vision. 

We identified people's insecurities of smart home, their need to feel in control and adviced Quby to address this problem in the future. 

Also, we wanted specialized services for businesses as end users, as their energy bill is higher than most households.

Below is the visual roadmap and several layers of it. 

You can click on the images to see high quality .pdf's. 

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