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Turkey: More Than Kebab was an Exhib-EAT-ion & Dining Experience; an interactive showcase of Turkish design from cityscape to table in Dutch Design Week 2019. Keten Design curated the event and created the identity, posters and social media visuals for it. 

Turkish culture in the Netherlands is most commonly depicted via Kebab shops. As chefs, designers and architects we wanted to showcase the dynamism of Turkish design as it touches the very fabric of society and shapes ideas, environments and interactions, both intimate and public. 


The event featured a series of Turkish designers, from established brands, to the developing talent. The works included pieces from the designers existing repertoire as well as unique prototypes made specifically for this event. The main exhibition hall showcased the physical objects, art, graphics and video works from the artists. The products ranged from paintings, textiles, ceramics, woodwork, digitally printed models, architectural concept posters to videos.

Kütahya Porselen, Melike Altınısık, Canan Ünal, Begüm Cana Özgür, Day Studio, Ezgi Elvan, Gizem Erbilgin, About Blank, PlugOffice, Antrepo London, Neferka, Pirana Film and Ozan Özdilek as well as Keten Design and Aleksandr Karpov contributed to the event with a variety of projects and products. Without their work, the unique and vibrant environment of the event would be impossible to achieve. A special thanks to Day Studio for red and teal photo used in and inspired the main poster. 

Our sponsors Tosun Transport, Ozqur, ÖZ Fresh Food Center, Expat Professionals, Megacenter and BBC Finance showed the solidarity amongst Turks in Eindhoven to be known for positive things. 

Turkish Professionals Network of Eindhoven also acted as a very efficient platform for people from different fields to get together. They made collaboration between Pure Food & Pure Taste  and Keten Design possible. 

(H)eerlijk Anders and KookschoolKunsten were great hosts. 


The Dining Experience was impressive with great food by Pure Food Pure Taste, the amazing scent game designed by Ezgi Elvan and the grate products from designers mentioned above. 

ddw_architecture newsletter.jpg

The red and bold design for posters, social media posts and newsletters reflected a rather civilian Turkish national identity and bonded all the different fields contributed to the event, including culinary.

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